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Age 42, San Antonio, TX

Lost 56 Lbs Training with CTN

Antony Clark's Testimonial

"When I was introduced to Marques and Team CTN, I was at an unhealthy point in my life. I was working out 5 days a week, doing what I thought was the right...


...thing. I had a heart attack scare that made me truly re-assess my health at 41. After signing on to be a part of Team CTN, with the guidance of Marques, I started my journey to better overall health.After initially struggling, I got a solid grasp on the plan and guidance in a matter of two months! The transformation was staggering. In 6 months, I didn’t even look the same! After a year, I can truly say that I am in the best shape of my life and I am 42! I still ate foods that I liked, and never felt like I was on a diet. Great plan, great time, great coach. Truly blessed to be where I am at health wise!"

-Antony Clark, 42, San Antonio, TX



Contest Prep Training with CTN

Merissa Pough's Testimonial

"On 4 Dec 12, I gave birth to my first born, Lacey Pough. I weighed 166 lbs on a 5'4 frame on the day I went in. After a couple of weeks... 


...I was back down to my pre pregnancy weight at 135lbs. I was ready to work out, or at least walk, but I listened to others and I didn't even though I worked out the whole time of my pregnancy. So fast forward 10 months and I am back up to 158 lbs. I was devastated!! So it was time for a change. I began working out 2x a day 4 days a week and still hitting the gym 6 days a week. I was starving myself. I lost 20lbs but I hit a wall and my weight just stopped moving for months!
I decided in March 2014 that I wanted to compete. So I posted on FB that I was in search of a coach. I was referred to Marques from a friend who said he was awesome. I hit him up and he was like we need to get started right away if you want to compete in August. I spoke to some other coaches but he was the only one not talking about starving me. So I hired him.
I started at 141 lbs in March 2014, and when I competed in Aug 2014, I was 118 lbs. It was all done with IIFYM. I had never counted macros or anything! This was all new to me. Coach was there the whole time, walking me through the process and making sure I was understanding. It was kind of hard at first planning but then it got easy. I literally was dropping a pound every week. I was in disbelief at my results and how just knowing what I was eating was causing this great progress.
I competed in my first NPC competition on 9 Aug 15 in Figure open. I won my class and overall. Shocked would be an understatement! So I celebrated and began to prepare for my next show 22 Aug 15. It was a natty show and I found out it was a pro qualifier. So I told coach and we went for it. I earned my IFPA pro card at this show! I was suppose to be done, but I decided to try my hand at a pro show. I competed in my first natty pro show 27 Sep 14, and I came in 3rd place. It was a great year, 2014.
I have been with coach now for a little over a 1 1/2 years, and I wouldn't trade him for anyone else. He is great and he is consistent. He genuinely cares about this clients and he is not just after money. If I need to contact him, there is no issues. I have full access to him if needed, and if not then he lets us know and gets back to us in a timely manner. Like I said he is awesome and he cares. I think he gets more excited when we reach our goals than we are.
I am in my second year and I have 2 overall wins in NPC, 5th place at National show, NPC, and 2nd place in a DFAC pro show. I have 2 more shows this year and I would not have anyone else coaching me other than Marque Caudle. :-)



Age 33, California

Contest Prep with CTN

Eugene Matta's Testimonial

"What a great experience I've had with Marques as my nutrition coach! With his mentorship I was able to win a packed...


... Men's Physique Class C at the 2015 Kentucky Muscle Show and bring my best package so far to an NPC stage. Marques believes that constant communication is key to an effective coach-athlete relationship. He always finds time for a phone consult no matter how busy he is or how late a show ends. He motivates the heck out of his athletes and his nutrition approach allows me to eat my favorite foods while leaning out! As an athlete I can't wait for this new season start and see what we can accomplish in the NPC. I recommend CTN to anyone I know because results matter! Join the CTN team today!"

-Eugene Matta, 33, California


Age 23, Lexington, NE

Contest Prep Training with CTN

  • Ashley Trampe Before IIFYM Dieting for Physique with CTN
  • Ashley Trampe, After IIFYM Dieting with CTN

Ashley Trampe's Testimonial

"Marques took me on as a new client 4 weeks out from my first show. In those four weeks I learned more about the process of peaking and safe dieting than any...


...other coach or nutrition article would teach me. In those 4 weeks I was also able to comfortably lose 11 pounds and place in the top 5 of both of the shows I competed in. By joining CTN I feel as if I saved myself from falling into dangerous dieting and an uncomfortable lifestyle. I'm currently working with Marques through my off season and I still feel as if my journey is just as important to him as it was on the day of my show. Marques has formed a team of strong minded individuals who all share the same passion of fitness. He doesn’t just work with you when it comes to getting ready for the stage; he’s a reliable coach who willingly works with you on all aspects of your life. I look at Marques as a mentor and a friend rather than just a coach. The quality and knowledge I’m getting from this experience is incomparable to any other fitness coach in the industry. Once you go Team CTN you won’t go back. He turns average competitors into great competitors. From what I see, none of his clients go to the stage being average. We all stand out and are all there ready to compete. Finding a coach that is genuinely in your journey with you like Marques is, would be close to impossible. If you are looking for long-term greatness and ready to change your life you have found what you are looking for with this team."


Age 29, Shalimar, FL

Contest Prep Training with CTN

  • Evon Pennington Before Training with  CTN
  • Evon Pennington After Training with CTN

Evon Pennington's Testimonial

"I started IIFYM flexible dieting with Marque Caudle June 2014. My weight went from 146 lbs to 121 lbs in 8 weeks! Proceeded to bodybuilding prep and I've... 


...won 4 shows and placed 3rd at a NPC Universe (IFBB pro qualifier) in a matter of 10 months. I'm constantly learning my body as it develops and changes. I'm very pleased with my results.


Age 33, San Antonio, TX

Body Building Prep with CTN

Nate Allen's Testimonial

"I've been working with Marques since May 2015. My starting weight was 235 lbs and I thought I was a monster!...


...Well...he introduced me to flexible dieting and showed me how to become a real monster! 6 months later I'm 206 lbs, I look better than I ever have, and I'm about to step on the stage for my first ever bodybuilding competition and am confident that I'll do well. Coach knows what he is doing and he made it easy for me to reach a physique level that I never thought i could achieve while eating good! Flexible dieting with Marques Caudle is the way to go!!!"

-Nate Allen, 33, San Antonio, TX


Age 26, Japan

Contest Prep Training with CTN

Eunice Lubigan's Testimonial

"I've started working with Marques since April 2018. This is a 14 week transformation. He guided me throughout my first bikini bodybuilding competition...


... show. Literally from the other side of the planet, the time zone didn't affect my contest prep with him. It just helped me become more aware of my responsibilities to check in with him that includes my weekly check-ins and verifying and reverifying if I'm counting my macros correctly (at least for the first few weeks)! Not just flexible with dieting but he is very flexible too with my schedule due to my other personal and professional responsibilities. If you want to reduce fat and increase lean mass then the stage can be an excellent opportunity to set a goal for yourself and see what you're made of! I've learned to push my limits and realized how much discipline and how strong my mentality is during this contest prep. We're currently working on my next package and I'm excited! Thank you!"

-Eunice Lubigan, 26, Japan