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Chris Amon, California


Chris Amon; January Transformation of the Month at Calibrated Training and Nutrition


Age 22, San Diego, CA

Contest Prep Training with CTN

Katie Corio's Testimonial

"Marques has been a godsend to me through my prep this year. I started with him in June, and have been working with him for the past 6 months to prep... 


...for my show in November. I came to him at 140lbs, and am currently starting my peak week at 113lbs. 27lbs lighter and he has done an incredible job of maintaining my muscle mass while bringing my body fat down. I have been doing minimal cardio and my carbs are still high, even being one week out from my show. I'm telling y'all, this guy is a mastermind when it comes to nutrition! He has it down to a science. I have had the absolute BEST experience with this prep, and Marques has been there for me whenever I need him. He does an incredible job of making you feel like you are his only client, and he maintains a great coach-to-client relationship, regardless of the amount of clients he has at the time. After having him coach me this year, I wouldn't dream of working with anyone else from this point forward! You can't go wrong with CTN."

-Katie Corio, 22, San Diego, CA


Age 24, Miami, FL

Bikini Prep & Reverse Dieting with CTN

Geydis Pupo's Testimonial

"Before I found Marques and Team CTN, I had my share of improper training and nutrition guidance which affected me negatively...


...and put me in a spot where I was unhappy both physically and mentally. After doing my research, I knew Team CTN is where I wanted to be and during my first conversation with Marques I had no doubts I had made the right choice. Today, marks 10 months of being under his guidance and I can truly look back and say this was the best decision I've ever made for myself. I lost 45 lbs and was able to compete which is something I had been wanting to accomplish for so long. Marques' coaching allowed me to have a sustainable competition prep where I was never placed on extremely low calories or excessive amounts of cardio. Using flexible dieting, we did things the healthy way and accomplished long term results, which is why 10 months down the line after multiple competitions, I am able to move forward and make improvements from a good place. Aside from being such a good influence in my life by helping me improve my physique, Marques has also become a friend. Throughout my prep he was supportive, approachable and to this day I know I can share anything with him, whatever it is and he'll be there to guide me. He truly believes in you and is probably more proud of your accomplishments than you are! With Team CTN, I've found a family. I've met so many different individuals who I've been able to connect with, who have been there to offer support regardless of where they are in their fitness journeys. With competing being a sport that can get very difficult at times, it's an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so much positivity and love. Marques and being part of Team CTN have had such a positive influence in my life, they have transformed me in every aspect for the better and I would never imagine myself anywhere else!"

-Geydis Pupo, Age 24, Miami, FL


Age 28, Air Force Military, CO

Left Weight 150 lb. Right Weight 119 lb.

Carmilya Jones' Testimonial

"December 2015 I was struggling with post contest rebound, binge eating, and depression. I was frustrated, bloated, and drained from lifting for an hour...


and doing two hours of cardio six times a week! I reached out to a former football coach from college after seeing his transformation using the flexible dieting approach. How could he be eating all these diverse range of foods and be incredibly lean? I thought the only foods that would achieve a lean physique were chicken, fish, turkey, and only green vegetables. He recommended Marques to me, so I contacted Marques in tears asking for help. I told him I did not want to compete anymore, just get my health back! I had gained 30lbs post contest and started at 150lbs on my 5'3 frame. I had difficulty breathing and punished myself for binging at night with long bouts of cardio. I was also very irritable and my family was not happy with me. Marques and I started working together at the end of January 2016. He blew my mind when he allowed me to pick the foods I wanted, the style of High Intensity Interval Training (only 20 minutes five times a week), and encouraged me to do my own research on health and wellness. Now, nine months later I have lost 35lbs eating the food I want, lifting, and minimal cardio! I am no longer irritable, which saved my marriage. Most importantly, I no longer binge and am happy with the woman I have become. I thank God everyday for putting Marques Caudle and Team CTN in my life to help lift me out of the dark pit I was in."

-Carmilya Jones, 28, Air Force Military, Stationed in CO


Age 25, New York, NY

Contest Prep Training with CTN

Anna Marie's Testimonial

"I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Marques and this team for not only transforming my physique, but transforming...

READ MORE lifestyle entirley. Marques has been a mentor for me from the very beginning when I didn't even know what a macro was. He held my hand from the beginning and educated me about the importance of fueling my body with the right foods. Looking back, it is crazy to realize how much I didn't know about nutrition or how to properly fuel my body. Not only have I completely transformed my physique in the past year, I have competed in 5 NPC Bikini competitions and placed at least top 6 in every show, with a national qualification. I may not compete forever, but I will always have the knowledge I have learned regarding my approach to nutrition, as well as lifelong friendships from the inspirational community of athletes that Marques has drawn together by his unique, hands on approach to contest prepping and living an overall healthy lifestyle. TEAM CTN for life."


Age 36, North Carolina

Bikini Prep & Reverse Dieting with CTN

Valerie Torres's Testimonial

"Before I started with Marques I was very unhappy with the way I was eating. I was always bloated, in pain and did not understand why.


My last coach had me eating at certain times certain meals and I felt a little out of control and restricted.  I was actually wanting to stop competing if I had to continue to eat the way I was.  Since I have been with Marques I have learned so much about my body, how to cook the things I love to eat and what foods works for me at certain times of my prep.  I have not felt weak or felt discouraged about competing or felt angry and wanting to binge.  I started with marques right after my first competition in Aug 2015 weighing at 142 and Marques started reverse dieting. He got me at my off season weight at 135 and much leaner and under 10 lbs over from my last competition weight at 127.5.   Since I have been with Marques I had surgery, moved 2 times to 2 different states, was in military school for 6 month and started a new job on top of all the other issues.  He was able to keep my body weight ready for my second competition.  Now a week away from competition I am 125 lbs and surpass my last weight.  Marques has not only been my coach but he truly cares and would keep constant communication with me and knew just from my pictures and weight that something was not right and fixed it on the spot.  I could not have been so grateful to have such an amazing experience with him and did not know that competing could actually be fun and enjoyable without having to worry about the diet as much (to a certain extent)."

-Valerie Torres, 36, North Carolina


Age 30, Germany

Bodybuilding Contest Prep with CTN

Roger Ruiz's Testimonial

"Before joining the Team CTN family, I was just a normal person in the gym listening to all the Bro Science. I would spend countless hours in the gym... 


...working out and doing cardio but I wasn't noticing any changes. It wasn't until someone at the gym referred me to Marques and his team. I am glad I listened because Marques and the Team are more than just a Team its a family! Marques is always there to reply to my emails in a timely manner, no question is a dumb question and his patience is superb. Thank you for everything coach!"

-Roger Ruiz, 30, Germany


Age 23, Los Angeles, CA

Contest Prep Training with CTN

Erica Hepperle's Testimonial

"Before starting with Marques, I weighed just about 175 pounds and was struggling with my weight loss. I was drinking and partying every weekend... 


...and my motivation and self confidence were no where to be found. After deciding to compete for my first time and interviewing coaches, it was Marques' responsiveness, knowledge of the sport and approach to flexible dieting that won me over. Now let me tell you... 27 week later, as of this morning I weigh 133 pounds and have never been happier in my entire life. Through my long prep, I have never had to cut out carbs completely, never participated in fasted cardio, and saw a constant healthy amount of weight fall off each week, He is a man genius when it comes to fitness and nutrition and can now say...I can't imagine where my life would have gone had I not been introduced to this mastermind! When I first contacted him I knew absolutely nothing about competing. He always provided me with the knowledge I needed to be competitive on stage. He connects with you on a personal level and is always readily available when you need to chat. If you are willing to put forth the effort he will give you all the tools you need to succeed. Marques has helped me compete a 360 in not only my physical state but also my mental well-being. I couldn't be happier with my results and have even begun inspiring others in my life to get healthy. I am blessed to have found Marques and Team CTN."

-Erica Hepperle, 23, Los Angeles, CA


Age 30, Florida

Contest Prep Training with CTN

Ashley Muchler's Testimonial

"The day I contacted Marques Caudle is the day my life changed for the better. I had 3 figure competitions under my belt, but one couldn't tell... 


...because without realizing it, I had let myself go. I started flexible dieting with Marques around January. I could eat the foods I loved without feeling guilty about it. I wanted to compete again, but this time I, with the help of coach, decided to try bikini. My prep with Marques is by far the best and most informative prep I've been through. He explained everything in detail and not once did I feel lost or confused. He was with me every step of the way. When I made poor choices, he mentally got me back on track. On November 14 I walked on stage with the best package I've ever had. I started prep in July weighing 144 and walked on stage weighing 127/128. Marques is a true blessing and I'm honored to be apart of the CTN family."

-Ashley Muchler


Age 21, Mount Pleasant, MI

Contest Prep with CTN

Emily Bogaudo's Testimonial

"When I decided I wanted to do my first bikini competition I was very picky when choosing a coach. I talked to over a dozen before deciding on Marques.


I chose him because of his flexible dieting approach, his knowledge on fat loss, and the success I saw in his other clients. Through out my 21 week prep and 26 pound weight loss I never once felt miserable. I truly enjoyed the entire process and never had to do anything too extreme. I was relieved when I found out that he was never going to make me do fasted cardio or drop my carbs very low like many coaches would have their clients do. I achieved a physique that I never thought was possible with the help of Marques. I ended up taking 1st in Novice B and 2nd in Open B at the most prestigious show in Michigan, the Michigan State Championships, and that was the most incredible feeling. I would never work with any other coach for a competition prep after this experience with Team CTN."

-Emily Bogaudo, 21, Mount Pleasant, MI


Age 26, Japan

Gained Muscle Mass Training with CTN

  • Kimberly Desilus - Before CTN
  • Kimberly Desilus - After CTN

Kimberly Desilus's Testimonial

When I first stepped foot into the gym, it was intimidating because all I had known were the cardio and weight machines.


I didn't enter the free weights area, nor I didn't understand how to work out to reach my goals. In fact, i was not even sure what my goals were; I just knew I wanted to change my habits. I saw Marques working with one of his clients and he was very in tune with her and explaining in-depth what muscles she was engaging and muscle/mind connection. I immediately knew that he would be someone to help me get where I wanted to be. Working with Marques changed my life. I used to eat without any regard to nutrition, then he taught me about macros and how I could reach my goals without feeling restricted. He never failed to be there for me with all my questions or concerns. He explained how the body metabolizes food, calmed me when the scale wouldn't budge and reminded me of how far I had come. He would always take it upon himself to check in with me when he and I went a few days without speaking. I went from not knowing anything about nutrition, the body or the gym to now feeling very confident in all areas. I dieted for a show in 2013, where I lost 22 lbs in a 16 week prep, to now looking completely different and weighing more than when I started with him. I have reconstructed my body in these last two years and none of it would have been possible if I hadn't met him. I couldn't thank him enough for all he has done for me and recommend him to anyone that is seriously ready to make that step and work tow ards achieving their goals.


Age 34, Japan

Lost 30 Lbs Training with CTN

Katrina Edward's Testimonial

"I started with CTN in November after a lot of discussing and hesitation.  A co-worker of mine had been with Marques for some time... 


...and I thought he was ridiculous for counting macros!
I guess I wasn’t ready until I hit the bottom and for me that was 156 pounds, at 5’6”.  I didn’t even realize how out of shape/fat I let myself get.  I was so embarrassed to take and send in the first pictures Marques requested.  But I started in November 2014 and am so thankful I did!
My biggest issue was making time for fitness and taking care of my health; I am an active duty single parent and didn’t want to miss any time with my son.  Marques worked with my schedule and me and came up with a program that fit my goals and my time restraints.  Once I started it turned out to be easier than I thought.  At first the most difficult part was actually meeting my macros and now I wish they were that high again!  I fell off a few times and didn’t meet every goal I had set out but in nine months I was able to lose 30 pounds and dropped about 8 pant sizes.  I feel like I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be but I am happy and more confident than before.

I’ve recommended Marques and CTN to my family, neighbors, and co-workers and so far one of them has taken the plunge.  She is seeing amazing results too.  Thank you for the faith and pushing me to do a little more.  I know that if it wasn’t for Marques and CTN I would be the same overweight person as before."
-Katrina Edwards, Age 34, Japan


Age 40, Korea

Lost 19.5 Lbs Training with CTN

Solyoung Moore's Testimonial

"In Early 2012 before I met Marques I used to weigh 136.5 pounds. About 2 weeks after meeting Marques and being on his program I immediately lost 8 pounds. 


After being on marques' program for roughly a year I have continually lost weight and now I weigh 117 pounds and I am stronger than I would have ever dreamed. The best part about his program is that it allows me to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. As a result, I have been able to learn more about food, nutrition, and my body. After having experience previous trainers I feel like Marques is actually “my” trainer. I don’t feel as though he is only in it for the money.  I truly feel lucky that I met Marques."

-Solyoung Moore, 40, Korea