FrontnCenter (FRNTnCTR) Stage Presentation is a global posing service provided by CTN Posing Coach Marisa Woo; an IFBB Pro with an extensive competition experience.  Available programs are open to ALL competitors regardless of team affiliation.


Upon enrollment in FRNTnCTR Bikini Posing Classes, competitors will connect with Marisa Woo for a series of 1-hour sessions, whether in person or via Skype, to create a customized posing routine that will showcase their best attributes and individuality when they take the stage.


Every element from the walk, to transitions, comparisons, pre-judging vs. finals protocols, as well as stage wear and accessory selection will be addressed. Competitors will have access to Marisa Woo for any questions and for feedback in between sessions as well as competition day support and final adjustments prior to stepping on stage.


After completion of the FRNTnCTR posing program, each competitor will be equipped with a unique presentation to showcase their hard earned physique with confidence!



Marisa Woo; FRNTnCTR Posing Coach at Calibrated Training and Nutrition