Monique Nastari is a Brazilian American, lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast who began her fitness competition journey in June of 2015. Since then, she has achieved a major weight loss transformation (50+ lbs), has earned NPC national qualification, has dedicated herself to helping others improve their lives through fitness and health, and has found her true calling in the fitness industry as a competitor and posing technique coach.


With an extensive background in pageantry, performing arts, and dance being on stage is where Monique truly shines. She is known amongst the judges for delivering a poised and professional presentation each time she competes. She knows just what the judges are looking for when a competitor steps on stage.


Monique's attention to detail and precision as well as her genuine demeanor allows her to connect with each of her clients and deliver an individualized experience like none other and is what sets her apart from many posing technique coaches. As the physique changes throughout competition prep so do the poses and angels that are most flattering to that individual.


Monique will ensure that every client will showcase their physique in the best way possible at every phase leading up to competition day. Each of her clients will step on stage with a customized and unique presentation that showcases their best attributes as well as their individuality. Monique is also fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish languages and is happy to assist competitors all over the world construct a flawless stage presentation.



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