5:37 PM

Competition 101 for Newbies

Now let’s be real, most of us non-competitors only see the end result: shredded spray-tanned girls in sparkling bikinis on stage. But all those things didn’t just happen overnight! Months of preparation goes into these fitness competitions from food prepping, competition fees, coaching services, and supplements to aid the process. Now, before you freak out and ask, “Omg, where do I even start? How do I know where to look to get started on this?” I’ve got you. I’m going to break down all the things to keep in mind when preparing to prep for a fitness competition and the approximate breakdown of the costs to do a show. Read More

4:10 PM

Post-Contest Blues - It's REAL!

It’s time to talk about one of the biggest elephants in the room not talked about when it comes to the fitness industry. I compare it to sleep-walking, basically just going through the motions. Once the trunks and heels come off, it takes merely a few days for everyone to realize that they are not as hard or lean as they looked in the contest pictures. It is very natural to experience post-contest blues that could bring your spirits down, especially for first time competitors. It is a huge blow to your motivation. Therefore, it is important to learn what can help you keep those post-contest blues away. Read More

1:24 PM

Coach Caudle's Random Thoughts: Choosing to Compete

Some random thoughts from Coach Marques Caudle about choosing to compete! Read More

9:21 AM

Vlog Update from Katie Corio

A video update from Katie Corio on why she won't be competing at the Jr. USA's this year. Read More

11:51 AM

CTN Kitchen: Arroz Con Gandules (Rice With Pigeon Peas)

CTN Athlete Val Torres visited the CTN Kitchen a few weeks ago to share some of her favorite recepies during both the off season and contest prep. In this video she teaches us how to make Arroz Con Gandules (Rice With Pigeon Peas). Read More

9:26 AM

CTN Kitchen: Smoked Turkey Legs

Marques Caudle of Team CTN brings you a new recipe from the CTN Kitchen; Smoked Turkey Legs! Read More

12:40 PM

5 Easy Steps to Overcome a Plateau

Who hates plateau's as much as I do? They can be extremely frustrating when working so hard in the gym to reach your goals. Check out these 5 tips to help overcome a plateau. Read More

1:15 PM

Too Busy for Fitness? Probably Not, But Let's Take a Closer Look

Wendy LaFayette of Busy Fit World gives some helpful tips on how to get a workout in with such a busy lifestyle. Chances are that you have the time to workout, you just don't know how to use the time effectively! Read More

4:43 PM

Hire A Coach For A Fitness Photo Shoot? ABSOLUTELY!!

Wendy LaFayette of Busy Fit World gives some helpful tips and tricks to help prepare you for a Fitness Photo Shoot, including hiring a trainer (like Marques Caudle) to help prep and keep your goals in mind! Read More

4:03 PM

Katie in Columbia! (South Carolina), Meeting with Marques Caudle, and Vlogging

CTN Athlete Katie Corio vlogs on her trip to Columbia, South Carolina to meet with Marques Caudle, owner of CTN, and do some video shoots! Read More